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CATEGORY 1: Local Leaders
Project Title: Veins of Courage: The Unsung Heroes
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Lakshmipat Singhania Academy
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West Bengal
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Students of classes III - XII
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16 - 17
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2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020

Description of "Our Community":

In developing societies there are large number of people who are marginalized due to the aspiration levels of the people. Among those who get marginalized the mentally challenged persons, the visually impaired are affected terribly. Due to the developmental goals the environment also takes a back seat as it is deemed fit to give succor to the poor rather than the climate.

Keeping in mind this we tried to locate local leaders who are working on these issues. Community leaders give to the society a lot without expecting much, thereby edifying the concept of ‘nishkam karma’. They are imbued with the ideals of service for the society.

To our pleasure we found many of our ex-students are also working in the social sector, reaching out to the marginalized and the forsaken. It was a heartening find indeed.

Summary of Our Project:

We got in touch with various local leaders to find what sort of work they are doing with the marginalized. We found a whole set of people who are working with the under-privileged and the marignalised. There were towering figure like Mr Subhas Datta who has given his entire life for protection of Kolkata’s environment and there was also Mr Yash Daga who has started on his own to give help to the visually impaired student community in so many ways.

We tried to highlight these personalities in our project so that the community knows how to recognize and whom to recognize. It would also be a lode-star for our students as they can imbibe the idea of service from these community leaders. In fact taking a cue the teachers in the school gave project assignment to highlight community leaders all over India. There being many community leaders who are working all over India in all types of project it was easy for the teachers to develop collaborative projects and help develop among the students a syncretic learning. The highlight of the programme of course was our project with the students of the Kaufmanische Schule, Aalen with whom we had an international project where they worked on their community leaders. Coincidentally one of their ex-students have also started working for the community.

Our Computer/Internet Access

A) Percentage of students using the Internet at home:
Above 80% students
B) Number of workstations with Internet access in the classroom:
40 Pc's in Computer Lab
C) Connection speed used in the classroom:
2 - 4 Mbps (Download Speed)
D) Number of years your classroom has been connected to the Internet:
15 years


Problems We Had to Overcome

In India people believe in the concept of Nishkam Karma (selfless service). In order to get the community leaders to talk to us was a huge obstacle. They didn’t want to come to the spotlight. Our coaxing and cajoling led to them granting us access to their world.

While working on the project students initially faced a lot trouble due to novelty of the programmes that they were working upon. However, by and by they picked up the programmes and made the website as beautiful and informative as any.

Our Project Sound Bite

CyberFair has brought us face to face with the international community. It has exposed us to a great many beautiful projects which is fulfilling to view and enlightening too. It has greatly broadened our horizon.


How did your activities and research for this International Schools CyberFair project support content standards, required coursework and curriculum requirements?

We understood the project ideas through discussion with peers, teachers to identify local personalities. We understood the requirements of the project and explore so that the community knows how to recognize and whom to recognize. We gained experience of different people who serves our nation through the small community services. We talked and discussed with our family member and local people to extract information and plan in a strategic way to frame them through a nice platform

Through Cyberfair project students at all levels learn to to explore local communities through teamwork and expressed their findings via the internet.
i) ICT Skills - : During the project, we used various information-communication based knowledge and stored these records digitally through PCs, digital cameras, computers, and learnt about domain booking and how to make web pages.
ii) language Skills: For preparing questionnaire of interview, news letter, webpage our language skills have developed greatly. We had to be perfect in our language for taking interview to the dignitaries. The narration writing in the video was also a great experience for us in which our listening skill has also been developed.
iii) Arts and Creativity skill: The art activity on Remember and unite by Grade 9 was an amalgamation of artistic skill along with feeling, imagination and creativity.
iv) Integration skill: We learnt how to plan, organize and implement data collection, problem encounter, interview/audit and practical application of resources, resolves team problems and preparing the final output-our website.
v) Life Skill: this project helped us in developing life skills called humanity, awareness and life-long learning. We developed ability for interview/ event/ survey/audit/class activity planning and act upon our planning.

What information tools and technologies did you use to complete your CyberFair project?

We used PCs and Laptops to design the website, compile and resize photos, edit videos. Mobile Technologies were used to communicate for permissions and clicking videos and photos. Video and Still cameras were explicitly used to record proceedings, Internet for research for quiz and different data to sensitize participants and local community. Scanners for scanning feedback forms Software like Movie-maker was used to edit videos Most of these tools are present in school, some students used personal smartphones to record video or click photograph. Smartphones and PCs with internet connectivity are the most-used tools and technologies in our project.

In what ways did your students act as "ambassadors" and spokespersons for your CyberFair project both on-line and in person.

The students took various modes of communication to get in contact with the unsung heroes – they had to take appointments through telephonic calls especially some leaders like mayor of Kolkata. Students had to take authenticity letter and explain the purpose of the interview. It was difficult to convince their unsung heroes the purpose of the interview, as they do want to come into lime light due to various personal and political reasons. But was ultimately able to convince them with numerous proofs and extensive visits. Some students had to take letters from school, authentic sources and continuous explanation of the project at different levels to different types of people. Some students contacted their seniors to get in contact with some leaders and even took the help of the faculties to get the initial information apart from social medias like face book WhatsApp etc.

A student named was even refused in a modest way and got a scolding from her parent because they felt that this project was a wastage of time for a class 10 student whose aim should be preparing for public exams rather than spending time in convincing the leaders. But she did not stop. She went back to her faculties and got the suggestions how to get in contact with those leaders through proper channel. She had to convince her parents about her intention. After the completion of the project she got lot of praises from her parents.

Class 5 dressed themselves as their own unsung heroes and spoke eloquently about themselves in front of all the students of classes 3-5 in the assembly hall. They promised to follow the footsteps of their heroes which in turn inspired the students and teachers sitting in the audience.


What has been or will be the impact of your project on your community? Realizing that your web site may not have been up very long, describe how your involvement in this project has strengthened the "relationship" between your school and your local community.

The project did make a difference to the students, teachers, parents and the community and to all those who visited the website.

The parent community were highly impressed by the speech of Mr. Subhash Dutta, which is evident from the feedbacks attached in the website (just a few of them could be attached due to technical reasons). Parents are now more aware of their own surroundings and doing their small bit and also making the role models for their children.

Some young scholars took up the project so seriously, they started implementing the same in their own way and started making the movement a continuous event. E.g. Students teaching and helping their house help’s offspring in their studies, giving computer training after school to the less privileged one, etc.

How did your project involve other members of your community as helpers and volunteers?

The students approached their neighbors, relatives, parent and even unknown people for resources. Some were not very approachable, others willingly helped the students after learning their intention of the research work.

The students approached their neighbors, relatives, parent and even unknown people for resources. Some were not very approachable, others willingly helped the students after learning their intention of the research work.

I like to thank our Principal Ma’am for being our guiding light. Special connections were made with the Alumna students, congratulating them about the good work that they are doing and have not forgotten the values infused in them by their teachers in their school days. Our ever enthusiastic teachers Ma’am Pronita Gupta, Ma’am Ganga Sinha, Ma’am Sunitha R Dey, Ma’am Santoshree Bhattacharya, Ma’am Sohini Mitra Jain, Ma'am Mitali Mukhopadhay, Ma’am Jaya Mishra, Ma’am Amritah Sen, Ma’am Sudakshina Datta, Ma’am Sanzeeda Mirza, Ms. Swati Mukherjee, Mr Dashan Singh Gill, Mr Kanak Shankar Mukherji Mr. Shrinath Verma and Mr Niladri Motilal. Last but not the least, Class 11 Web Application students whose tireless effort to compile and put up this page and all students of Lakshmipat Singhania Academy who had participated in several projects to make it a success.

A big Thank You..

Discoveries, Lessons and Surprises

The members of the community ie the students, teachers, parents, neighbors’, other known members were asked to give their feedbacks about the project. We received an overwhelming response about the projects. The members which were discovered as true heroes of the society were overwhelmed that their work are being recognized. We received lots of blessings from them.

Parents have made changes in their life style and is concerned about the environment and are taking certain measures in their own ways to contribute in making the surrounding livable one.

The students of our school is more interested in the cyber world and live in virtual reality rather than reality. However while working on these project they came down to terra firma and became more empathetic. That was a great achievement for our institution. Even if one student is touched by the condition of the marginalized and start empathizing with them due to this project it will be an achievement in itself.


During the project, the teachers reminded us that we must comply with intellectual property rights. In our website, most of the photos were taken by our team. Some informations and photos provided by others we have obtained disclaimers and given the source here.

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