TEAM CYBERFAIR 2019 - 2020

Project leader

Back in September, 2019 we were oriented about this amazing Cyberfair project by our faculty members. I took up the responsibility of working on this project sincerely and formed a project team which comprised of 5 committees.

The topic we all unanimously chose was related to the Project 1: Local Leaders under the theme “Remember and Unite” and named it as “Unsung heroes of our society”. We focussed our project on all those people who work towards the betterment of the society in their own small ways and bring about a change while remaining unknown. This project was widely appreciated by our school as it was considered one of the most interesting topics. Gathering information by the data compilation team was fun and very involving. We had set for ourselves deadlines so that all the work is completed on time. I saw that all the different committees worked very hard hand in hand to complete this project. Most of the time, deadlines weren't met which caused problems between different committees but within 2-3 days after the deadline, the work was submitted.

I learnt the skills of management, leadership and perseverance through this project. Many people had different views regarding the website template and implementing the same was a challenging task. But, with a pen and paper, layouts were artistically made and presented to the editor team who understood what the requirements of the project. The use of internet in particular has been more effective for the process of teaching and learning because throughout this project, all the needs of storing of data, integrating the thoughts and ideas in the webpage, looking into the codes for different templates were duly met. Without the internet, the mammoth task of making the website would have been very difficult and the presentation would have been even more time consuming


Throughout this project, I made a lot of discoveries with respect to our educational system. For this project, we had interviewed and surveyed a lot of people and most of the students from various classes had done the same for this project where they actually learnt the values of doing such activities selflessly for the society. In fact, the data we compiled together was due to the efforts of the students of various classes. This made me realize that these projects play a pivotal role in our growing up. The students who interviewed the unsung heroes had been told that they are to inform the people they are doing it for educational purposes. The students interacted with those people, made them aware of our project and in turn asked them what they do for the society. We had also interviewed some of our alumni students who are currently working tirelessly for society in their own small ways. Each interviewee were surprised and super impressed that schools are taking up these kind of projects rather than theoretical boring projects.

The project we prepared will definitely make an impact in a positive way. More people will be encouraged through our website to do social work for the betterment of the society. Interested workers would also get an idea of different ways to create a website. This project has promoted unity among the teammates for the project.

Gyanaam Amritaam

Data Integration Team

In the month of September 2019, we were introduced to the International Cyberfair Project. We opted the Theme 1, Local leaders. Since inception, we divided ourselves into various departments, sharing duties and responsibilities amongst each member. After reviewing the theme of the project, we approached both the junior and senior classes, explaining the theme to them.

We conducted surveys asking students, if they came across any individual whom they considered as 'An Unsung Hero' and collected many interesting stories. We also collected the different resources from the students in form of ppts,html pages, word documents, etc. and improvised some of them. Since everything could not be accommodated we chose the best out of submitted resources, to showcase them in the website.

One of the most inspiring story that we came across was of a major of Gurkha regiment, who even after being disabled served our nation with utmost loyalty. Apart from these we learnt how to balance our work and academics under the guidance of our able teachers.

We faced some difficulties during the process - like lack of coordination and conflicts in interest among team members but since we followed the ideology Cyberfair project 'Remeber and Unite', we overcame our difficulties by considering the proposals put forward by each department. All in all it was a well balanced journey where we faced many ups and downs and gained experience of sharing, working in a team, importance of each member's suggestions, being patient etc. We look forward to do such projects in future to grow our inner individuals and to discover our potentials. Gyanam Amritam ( knowledge is truth).

Data integration team.

Compilation Team

We have learnt and explored our experience on this project which includes a number of elements such as understanding html and css coding. We also had access to learning tools like online resources, textbook material and library resources which helped us to improve our coding skills as well as our ability to understand codes effectively.

Sharing and discussing different ideas amongst the group gave us a brief insight on how to deal with problems and come up with an applicable solution. We also experienced how to confront difficulties while working in a team, how to resolve any sort of argument or problem and come up with something which is agreeable by everyone. While working on assignment such as this, we exercised a great opportunity of developing and enhancing our writing skills effectively and efficiently with the help of the ideas suggested by our group members, which will help us in a great way in self-expression.

In conclusion, we have discovered our strengths and weaknesses and realized that we are capable of achieving almost anything if we put our soul and heart into the work that we are doing.

Compilation Team

Content developer Team

Content developing basically involves creating the content for the project in such a way that it fits into the project with ease. This also requires prior knowledge about the layout for the project so that content is developed and modified accordingly. Thus, this job was taken by my team as we thoroughly knew about the design and the layout of the project and knew where the information and data would be placed. For the content, our team had to sit hours in front of the passed on data to for rectifying errors, match the content with pictures, modify the data and pass it on the editor team who would finally place the content into the website. This required hours of hard work , dedication and intense pursuit. we obviously couldn't meet the given deadlines as the inputs were huge and we had to select the data which would go into the webpage and also modify it. But as soon as we completed the content developing task, the content was instantly put into the webpage by the editor team as the website was ready and only the content was left to be uploaded. All in all, I learnt different values while working on the content. Through the content we learnt about various leaders and their work towards the society. We learnt about the value of giving and values of hard work, staying motivated and up for any task and most importantly perseverance. We would like to acknowledge our teachers who gave us the opportunity to work on such an amazing project.

Content developer Team

Video and Photography Team

It was when our half yearly examination ended that we, the students of the Web application stream, were introduced to the International Cyberfair Project, which has to be published through a website. It was the first real life project in our hand and we all were a little nervous as well as excited.

We opted the Theme 1- Local leaders. We were eager to research about the unsung heroes in our own surroundings.

As a video editing team, we thought of taking video clips of the assembly programme, address speech by the guest in our major events like Founder’s Day, Sports day and interview any unsung heroes that we came across.

A proper disclaimer had to be made and consent had to be taken of the interviewee, before we shot video of any individual.

We assembled, edited and rerecorded the raw videos into a presentable one, ready for uploading in our website. We used mobile phones and digital cameras to shoot those events.

The problem we faced was the surrounding noise while shooting the video, as we had no specialized equipment for capturing the audio separately. But managed to minimize the noise to a certain extent while editing, using different software.

Video and Photography Team

The most exciting part was working with two of our pals from USA and Italy respectively. AFS INDIA and LAKSHMIPAT SINGHANIA ACADEMY now prepares and activates global citizens of all ages and backgrounds. On the hosting facade, our institution was hosting Dontae Ryan II from Malyland, USA along with Roberto Andreozzi from Napoli, Italy. We were fortunate enough to have Dontae and Roberto as enthusiastic members of video editing team working for the Cyberfair project. They were active members of video editing team right from the shoot, to editing and narration. They enjoyed every bit of work and gave full support to other members of the team.

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