Wildlife Leaders


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Name: Anish Andheria
He has been rescuing wild animals like
snakes, eagles, owls and even crocodiles since the
past 18 years. It was after his PhD in Surface Chemistry,
when he followed his heart's desire and completed masters
in Wildlife Biology and Conservation with a specialization
in large carnivores. The key emphasis was on securing forests
by declaring them as either national parks or sanctuaries.
Large mammal conservation was the order of the day.
The biggest perceived threat to wildlife came from hunting
for subsistence, poaching for the international trade, firewood
collection and livestock grazing.

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Name: Shashank Dalvi

His interest in birds took him to
the forests of Arunachal Pradesh, where he sharpened
his skills as a professional bird guide and participated
in bird and herpetofaunal surveys, and has evolved into
a stellar naturalist and conservationist. He used to
rescue different birds like Columbidae, Hummingbird, Finches,
Owl etc. Shashank completed the first Indian 'Big Year' for
birds, which took him across remote corners of 20 states of
India, and in 2016 he was part of the team to describe the
Himalayan Forest Thrush, a new bird species to science, and
only the fourth bird to be described from India since its independence.

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Name: Biswajit Sani

He feeds Chicken and Rice to stray animals daily at night.
Nobody feeds stray dogs, but he, every night while returning
from his office, feeds them so that they remain healthy and full.
He even gives them medicines regularly and takes care of them.
The striking thing is that he is from a comparatively poor
background but he still goes lane after lane to provide each
stray animal food. He has 32 cats and 6 dogs at home and all
are stray animals. He treats them as respectable and dignified
pets even though they are stray animals.