Hall of Fame

Ms. Varuna Sharma

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She has passed out of Lakshmipat Singhania Academy in 2013.
She obtained an undergraduate degree in Psychology
from Calcutta University, Kolkata; eventually pursued M.A.
in Psychology (Clinical) from Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi
and is currently pursuing M.Phil in Clinical Psychology.
In 2018, August - November, she interned at the
Tihar Central Jail, New Delhi in lieu of 'Project Samarthan'
The theme of the project was to provide Psychological First Aid
(PFA) to the prison inmates.
The motive behind this project was to reduce mental illness among
inmates. So, by providing PFA, the inmates prone to mental
illness or already have one could be identified. This
identification helped in taking the further steps by
referring them to the Psychiatrist in the Jail or in case of
suicidal tendencies the people around were informed
to keep a check on the respective inmate so that he doesn’t
succumb to it. On the other hand, information such as various
doctors who visit the jail, calling and meeting privileges,
various activities they could indulge into or appointing a
lawyer from within were also provided.