Social Leaders



Name: Sarbani Das Roy

Ms. Sarbani Das Roy is the co-founder of Iswar Sankalpa(IS)
and has been the Director of Projects at IS since 2007.
With an MBA degree from Indian Institute of Social Welfare &
Business Management, a professional course in counselling,
besides the training in process work, the Ashoka Fellow, made a
career in management and the development sector. She has successfully
expanded the organisation from 1 program with 7 staff members in
2007 to 10 programs with a staff capacity of nearly 70 in 2020.
The organization under Ms. Das Roy’s leadership has reached out
to more than 3000 homeless people with psychosocial disability
and more than 3600 persons with mental health conditions from low
income groups residing in slums. She is a recipient of the State
Award 2019 (outstanding individual working for the cause of persons
with disabilities).

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Name: Suman Goyal

She was truly inspired by mother Teresa since her childhood.
She aspired to help the needy just like her. So along with
her brother she opened an organizationI in Kolkata which helps
the needy and hungry. The organization them with food at night and
even shelter in adverse conditions. She had
faced a lot of difficulties before. Financially she was a weak woman.
She had to work overtime and even ask people to contribute.
She was unable to fulfil her dream. At last with her brother’s
support she was able to open an organization. Now she plans to open
an organization for the orphans as well as the elderly as they are
the ones who require a lot of emotional support.

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Name: Deepa Das

She is a teacher. Even in the modern day world she continues
to inspire 100s of students for not just being a good student
but a good human from inside. she also dedicates
equivalent time for community and social service. Ma’am Das
frequently take students to trips where students get a chance
to serve the community. Through this, the students get to know
about the outside world better. She plans something or the other
for them and makes sure that no one gets bored while they visit.
When she served in jail she was dealing with TADA prisoners.
She had to take care that she wasn’t hurting their sentiments.
From this, she learnt that a person is not a murderer by nature
but they are more impulsive in their behavior.
She rescued young girls from the clutches of people who worked
illegally in a red light area where they worked after 12 midnight

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Name: Dr. Prahalathan KK

He is the founder of the organization Bhumi. Bhumi is Chennai’s
largest independent youth volunteer non-profit organization.
Their volunteers, consists of over 250 students and young
professionals under the age of 30, work among orphaned and
underprivileged children. Bhumi’s mission is to bridge the
societal gap by providing quality education to the under-privile,
provide a platform for socially conscious youth wanting to contribute
to the nation's inclusive progress and to mold them into tomorrow’s
leaders- To turn youth into Climate Messengers and fight climate change
through citizen-level initiatives. They also do activities such as road
safety programme and “Think Green” initiatives so that awareness can
be spread.