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Name: Firhad Hakim

He, as the mayor of Kolkata, taken care of drainage of water to
avoid logging during rainy season. Dengue has taken lots of
lives in Kolkata. So, the Mayor also took steps in
cleansing and removing of accumulated water. Under his
jurisdiction, sanitation and hygiene are a priority while
open defecation is a punishable offence. He also tries to
supply vegetables and merchandises at a minimum price to the
local poor people.

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Name: Jiban Saha

He is the local ward counsellor. He has improved the sewage
system by ensuring regular cleaning of drains. He is a key
in maintaining cleanliness on the roads of his area.
He also has ensured supply of purified drinking water to
every household in the society. He has maintained
the community park by planting more trees
and has built benches for the aged people.

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Name: Vidya Madappa

She has tried to inculcate in children, the value of giving.
She has brought about civic awareness regarding the harmful
effects of plastics. She has helped “Garbage-Free India”. Tied
up with a few schools to bring in awareness and segregation
on waste. She was also part of a blogging event to spread
awareness. She has been part of drives for the poor so
that the less privileged have access to food, water, and
clothes. During winter, she had also collected blankets
for the not so fortunate.